Considering disabling a computer? How to find your computer's MAC address.

Normally users are allowed to run Voyant on up to two authorised computers per adviser or paraplanner licence. Once a computer is authorised to use Voyant, it is authorised for use by any Voyant user account. For example, a computer that is used by multiple users, such as a presentation computer in a conference room, needs only to be authorised for one Voyant user account in order to authorise that computer for use by any other Voyant user. Only one of the firm's users would need to authorise the computer to run Voyant. 

Voyant uses your computer's Mac address to uniquely identify it for purposes of checking the computer for authorisation to run the software. Without this authorisation check, there would be nothing to prevent users from sharing their accounts with any number of their colleagues.


How to Find Your Computer's Mac Address

1. Open Voyant on the computer in question and sign in using your Voyant user credentials.

2. Select and open any client record.

3. Click the Voyant logo (or of the software is rebranded, your firm's logo) top-left.

A dialogue will display showing software version information.

4. Click the "View System Info" link in the middle of this dialogue.

Another window will display information about your computer including the name of the computer and all of its Mac addresses.