ARCHIVE - iPads and Android Tablets - Suggestions for using Voyant on tablets (including iPads) that do not support Java **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Suggestions for using Voyant on tablets (including iPads) that do not support Java

Voyant is often asked about whether our software runs on various tablet devices including iPads, Galaxy Tabs, and numerous other Android devices. Voyant does not run natively on any of these devices, but this doesn't mean you cannot use Voyant on an iPad or Android tablet. 

Voyant's user interface allows easy control from touch based devices. There are several solutions available that allow users to access and control a Voyant installation on a remotely running computer.

A Voyant staff favourite is Splashtop. Splashtop is an app available for purchase for iPad and Android devices. Users install the Splashtop Streamer on the desktop or laptop machines they wish to access via the APP. Once installed, properly configured, and with a reasonable network connection, users can access Voyant on their remote systems from anywhere. The user experience with any remote access system, including Splashtop, is dependent on having a reasonable network connection. Voyant staff has efficiently used this solution across Wifi, as well as mobile broadband connections. Since the APP running locally is controlling a remote computer, if your network connection drops for a period, Voyant is still up and running on the remote system once you are able to reconnect. This isn't the same as having full functionality in offline mode, but works in many instances.

Splashtop is a staff favourite for its speed, cost, ease of use, and tablet based features. Controlling Voyant using Splashtop is simple. Splashtop includes touchbased controls for easy access to advanced keyboard and mouse features. It also allows for zooming in and zooming out using standard multi-touch finger gestures. Splashtop Streamer runs on both Mac OSX and Windows based systems. For more information visit or your devices respective App Store.