Liquidation - Setting a property to be sold automatically to fulfill future expense shortfalls

Liquidating Property/Assets "When Needed"

With the exception of one's primary residence, properties and other assets can be set to be liquidated "when needed". This liquidation preference is found on the Property/Asset screen's Liquidation panel.

The default on this panel is to liquidate the property or asset at the "End of Applied Timeline", meaning that the property will be liquidated at the end event (red dot) selected on the screen's Time panel > Event tab or at the end of the last ticked stage on the Time panel's Stage tab.

If "When Needed" is selected, the property or asset will be liquidated only to prevent a shortfall and only after all other available liquid assets have been exhausted in the plan.

Note: The "When Needed" liquidation option is not available for primary residences - i.e. property/asset Type "Primary Residence".

Tip: We don’t generally recommend the “when needed” liquidation option for properties. Selling a property is usually a big decision considering the size of the sale and any associated debts that may be involved. Usually a more deliberate approach is better, by scheduling any future liquidation by event using the Time panel - the software’s default “at end of applied timeline” liquidation option.


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