ARCHIVE - How to install Voyant Adviser **UK and Ireland**

About Voyant Adviser

Voyant Adviser is the desktop, legacy version of Voyant. It is a rich internet application, meaning that it has all of the data sharing conveniences of a web application but is installed to your computer and runs much like a desktop application. Unlike a pure web application, Voyant Adviser can be used offline whenever a connection to the internet is unavailable.  There is no need to open a browser to run the software. And unlike a desktop application, Voyant Adviser can be used easily on different computers and by groups of users. Client files are updated, shared and automatically synchronised between computers. 


Step 1 - Be sure to have a recent version of Java installed on your computer. 

1. To run the software, your computer must also be running Java 8, update 101 or later installed on your computer. Although early versions will work, we recommend that you update to the latest release of Java, which can be downloaded form the Java website (

2. To run a quick check of your computer for Java, visit the Java website and click the "Do I have Java?" link.

- Using Voyant Adviser on an older version of Mac OS X? Older versions of the Mac OSX operating system use a separate version of Java provided by Apple. If you are checking for the installation of Java on a Mac computer, you may be directed to use the Software Update feature on the Apple menu. Additional details are available on both the Java website and the Apple Support website.


Step 2 - Download and install Voyant.

3. Visit the Voyant website and log in. 

Which website you visit to register and install the software will depend on which version of Voyant you intend to use. 


  Ireland -


  United Kingdom -


4. Click Download Voyant Adviser to install the software.



Alternatively, click the Plan link in the top navigation.


You will know that installation is proceeding when a Java window pops up momentarily followed by a Voyant download window, showing the progress of the download.


The installation should begin quickly, however, if the installation does not begin after about a minute, try clicking the Adviser button again or the link in the middle of the page to “click here” if the application fails to launch. Sometimes pop-up blockers may prevent the installation from starting.

If clicking this second link doesn't cause the installation to start, here is a quick list of checks and possible solutions. Also, visit one of the following browser and operating system-specific installation tips. 

What type of browser are you using to install Voyant? 

Firefox (Mozilla)

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Safari (Mac)

Are you trying to install Voyant on a Windows 8 computer? See our special instructions for installing Voyant on Windows 8 . 



Once Voyant is installed, a splash screen will appear, and then the software should then open. If you use a rebranded version of Voyant, this splash screen may show your company’s logo.


You will be logged into the software automatically after installing it, using the credentials you used when signing into the Voyant website.

A shortcut to Voyant will be added to your desktop. It too may be rebranded with your firm’s logo, if your firm subscribes to our rebranding service. If you are using a Windows computer, an additional link to Voyant Adviser is available in the Start menu.  

Going forward, you will use these shortcuts to launch the software.

Note: If you ever have problems launching Voyant from a shortcut, first try revisiting our website (being sure to visit the correct website, of course), sign in, and click the Plan Now button to reinstall the software. Sometimes problems with your local cache of the software can cause a Java “unable to launch application” error. Clicking Plan Now will refresh your computer’s cache of Voyant.



Computer Not Authorised for User Message

If this isn't your first time to install Voyant -- or perhaps someone else, using your user account, installed Voyant to two other computers -- you may receive a message stating "Computer Not Authorised for User [your user name]".

This message means that your user account is already running Voyant on the maximum number of computers allowed, which is normally authorised computers per user license. Voyant is not a kiosk software that can be used on any and every computer, which is important, considering that client information can be encrypted and stored locally for offline access. 

You may click Manage Computers to visit our website and deauthorise a computer you are no longer using to run Voyant. Bear in mind that once a computer has been deauthorised, you would need to contact Voyant support to ask to have the computer reauthorised, if you ever need to run Voyant on that computer again. We do not allow authorisations to be switched off and on again so as to prevent license abuse.  Read more >>



Step 3 - Enter an Offline Passcode, should you ever need to use Voyant offline

Voyant Adviser normally operates using a live internet connection. But the software can also be run in offline mode when no internet connection is available. Travelling to visit a client? Take Voyant Adviser on a laptop and use the software to create, present or update a financial plan regardless of internet availability.

After downloading and first opening Voyant Adviser, you will be asked whether you want to have access to client files when running the software offline.

1. Select Yes if you plan to use Voyant Adviser to access client information, at least occasionally, in the offline mode.

2. Click Next.

As an additional security precaution, an offline passcode (password) is used to encrypt client files and authenticate user credentials when Voyant Adviser is used offline

3. Enter a passcode that is at least six characters long.

This passcode can match your Voyant user account password. The code will be encrypted and stored safely on your computer. Bear in mind that like Voyant passwords, offline passcodes are also case-sensitive.

4. Click OK.

Note that this passcode can later be changed and offline mode enabled or disabled, if necessary, by accessing Preferences in the lower left corner of the screen. Expand Application Preferences to view the offline mode settings.

Later, as you bring your computer online again, client files will be automatically synchronized with Voyant’s remote hosting environment. Synchronization allows client information to be accessed from any computer – at home, in the office or on the go – without ever transferring files from computer to computer.

With offline mode enabled, you will be prompted to enter a passcode whenever the software detects that an internet connection is unavailable. This passcode will allow you to log into the software and access client files locally when the Voyant server cannot be reached.

Note that Voyant Adviser can be used offline for a maximum of seven consecutive days, after which you will be required to sign into the software online so that your licence can be validated with the Voyant servers.

Read more >> about using Voyant in offline mode. 


Step 4 - Use the software

The Open Client Record dialogue will then display. This is where you can open existing client files or create new ones. Read more >> about creating a new client case in Voyant Adviser.


How to launch Voyant going forward

Voyant Adviser runs locally from your computer, much like a desktop application although it really isn't one, strictly speaking. Once you have installed Voyant Adviser, there is no need to log into our website to run it. In fact, doing so will reinstall the software. Reinstallation can be convenient if you ever have problems launching it but this is usually unnecessary.

1. Open Voyant Adviser by clicking the desktop link. If you are using a Windows computer, an additional link to Voyant Adviser is available in the Start menu.   

2. Sign into the software using your user name and password.

If you experience issues signing in, we have standard username and password assistance tools: Read more >>

Each time you open Voyant Adviser, the software will synchronise with our servers, loading the latest saved versions of the client files you have worked on in the last 14 days.

After signing in, a brief series of one to three interstitial screens may display, showing: the number of days left in your trial of the software, if you are not currently a subscriber; the software's latest release notes, if an updated release of the software was installed automatically to your computer; and upcoming training opportunities.

3. Click Continue to navigate through these informational screens. 


Questions, Assistance?

Should you need any assistance installing the software, please feel free to contact our support staff by e-mailing  


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