ARCHIVE - Problems Installing Voyant? - Firefox (Mozilla), additional tips for installation **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Additional tips for installing Voyant via Mozilla Firefox

Firefox will prompt you with two installation options: to download the installation file for Voyant Adviser (InstallVoyant.jnlp) or to open it using Java Web Start.

1. Select the Open With option. The Java Web Start Launcher should already be selected as the default programme that will launch the file.

2. Click OK to continue with the installation.

If the Java Web Start Launcher is not shown, you may not have Java installed on your computer. Java can downloaded and installed, free of charge, from the Java website,  

To run a quick check of your computer for Java, click the "Do I have Java?" link on this website.

If you don’t receive a pop-up and the installation does not proceed, click the Downloads button (the downward arrow) in the navigation toolbar, top-right.  

Confirm that the InstallVoyant.jnlp file has been downloaded and if so, double-click it to begin the installation.