Problems Installing Voyant? - Google Chrome, additional tips for installation

Tips for installing Voyant via Google Chrome

Depending on the browser's security settings, Chrome browsers may display a security warning before downloading the Voyant Adviser installation file – the InstallVoyant.jnlp. This warning will appear in the bottom-left corner of the browser window.

1. Click Save if you wish to download the file and continue with the installation of Voyant Adviser.

The Voyant Adviser installation file, InstallVoyant.jnlp, will be downloaded and displayed in the bottom-left corner of the browser window.

2. Click this downloaded installation file to begin installing the software.

3. If the software does not install then click the down arrow.

4. Then click Show in folder

5. Right click on InstallVoyant and click on Open with then Choose another app

6. Click on More apps then Look for another app on this PC

7. Search for Javaws: (this takes a while as it is searching your whole PC)

8. Click on the javaws file that has the directory path ending with bin then click open.

If this doesn't launch Voyant and place a shortcut on your PC then contact Voyant Support for further assistance.


In some cases, especially if you are working on an enterprise network, a network or local firewall may be preventing the installation of Voyant, in which case you may need to contact your company's technical support staff for further assistance.