ARCHIVE - Remember your passcode. There is no password reminder mechanism for offline passcodes. **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

There are no password reminder mechanisms for offline passcodes. You must remember your passcode and remember that passcodes are case sensitive. Once you are working offline, our support staff will be unable to assist you with a forgotten offline passcode since these codes are stored only locally.


How to reset your passcode

Passcodes are reset by signing into the software, selecting and opening any client record.

Click the Preferences button (the cog) in the top-left corner of the software's navigation.


Preferences are arranged into a series of expandable panels.

In System Preferences (on the left side of the screen), expand the Application Preferences panel. Verify that Enable Offline Mode setting is ticked. Then enter and confirm the offline passcode. Remember that passcodes are case sensitive.


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