Invite a colleague (AXA Elevate) - Next step, your colleague will register and activate their account

Voyant-Elevate Users will Enter Their Elevate Platform Credentials

The account activation procedure is slightly different Voyant-Elevate users.

1. The user will receive your invitation by e-mail and click the link therein.

2. A browser window will open. Your colleague will click


3. Your colleague will enter his or her AXA Elevate platform user name and password.

Note, problems signing in?  If any problems are encountered with this user name and password, try using the same credentials to log into the AXA Elevate platform website (

If you are prompted to reset your password or accept terms of service, do so and then return to the Voyant Elevate website and try logging in again. If this user name / password combination is not accepted on that site, contact AXA Support for assistance with the account.

Your colleague will need to activate this new account by clicking the link sent in the account activation email.

4. The account will be activated once they sign into the website.

5. Your colleague can then install the software by clicking the Plan Now button.


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Additional information on installing the software can be found in our installation guide, if needed.


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