How to transfer all client records to a different user within a subscription

When a user account is deactivated, the client records linked to it remain within the subscription and are visible to any users who have 'all client access' whilst they are working online.

Optionally, the user's client records can be transferred in bulk to another user within the subscription by the Subscription Manager or Subscription Owner. Transferring client records can also be done on a client-by-client basis if the client records are to be divided among different users within the subscription. Here is link that explains how to transfer individual records: How to share a client record with a colleague. Contact Voyant support if you want to transfer the client plans to user in different Voyant subscription.

For Subscription Managers/Owners who want to transfer all client records linked to one user account to another user account within a subscription:

1. Login into the Voyant website.



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2. Sign in using your Voyant log in details and select AdviserGo. From the client list click on the profile icon in the top right and select Administration. 




3. Click Subscriptions > My Subscription in the website's top navigation bar.


4. Click View Users in Subscription in the left-hand Actions menu.


A complete list of users within the subscription will display.

5. In the Full Name column, click the name of the user whose client records are to be transferred.

The user’s profile will display. 

6. Click Transfer All Clients in the left-hand Actions menu.


7. A list of all of the client records linked to the user account will appear. Review the list. You can also export the list using the links at the bottom of the list. 

8. If you do not want to transfer all of the clients in the list, click Cancel and use the feature that allows you to transfer client plans on a client-by-client basis. If all the client records should be transferred, click Next.

9. On the subsequent screen, use the search form to find the user with whom you want to transfer the client plans to. 

10. In the search results presented further down the page, select the user and click Select User

11. A summary screen will appear. Review the information and click Confirm to proceed with the transfer. You should then get a confirmation message confirming the transfer has taken place.