ARCHIVE - Version out of date message appears after launching the software **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Issue: When I first open Voyant I get a message stating the version [of the software] is out of date. 

Cause: One of the nice things about Voyant is that as a cloud based service, you don't normally have to get and install updates of the software as they become available. We do that for you. Whenever you open Voyant while online, a check is performed to determine whether you are running the latest release of the software. If we find that the version you are running is out of date, we automatically install the latest release.

And how will you know that a release has been installed? A pop-up message with our release notes will appear whenever you first open the software after an update has been installed. 

Again, normally you will never need to worry about getting the latest and greatest version of Voyant. However, if you get this message, something is likely preventing you from getting our latest version of the software automatically.

Solution: As a first step, please visit the Java website and click the "Do I have Java?" link. This will run a check of your computer for the latest release of Java. If you are running an older version of Java, we encourage you to update to the latest release; the reason being that some older versions of Java have issues with automatic software updates.

Next, visit our website and sign in. Which website you visit will depend on the version of Voyant you use. Be sure to visit the correct Voyant website


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Click Log In.

Click the Plan Now button to install the latest release of the software. Check your browser for any security prompts that may need to be accepted to proceed with the installation.