ARCHIVE - Zipping (compressing) your Voyant home directory to send to support **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

In some rare instances a member of our support staff might ask you to create a zipped copy (a compressed copy) of you Voyant home directory and send it to us for further examination by our Development team. 

To create a zip copy of your home directory: 

1. Open the software on this computer.

2. Sign in and select and open any client file.

3. Left-click on the logo in the top-left corner of the screen. This may be the Voyant logo or if your firm uses a rebranded (white labelled version of the software), it may be your firm's logo. 

A dialogue will display showing, among other things, the release number.

4. Move your cursor over the release number - e.g. Voyant Adviser 3.2.76

5. Simultaneously press the Ctrl-Alt-Shift keys on your keyboard and left click on the release number.

Give the operation a moment to complete. A message should appear stating "Zip Created - Zip saved at C:\Users\...". This is the location of the directory to which the zip file was saved.

This command will copy and save your application directory into a zip file.

Open an email and attach this file. It will be located in your user directory - e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\guy [your user name when logging into this computer] or if you are Windows 7,  C:\Users\...

Please email this zip file to our support staff at