ARCHIVE - Hidden Key Commands for Troubleshooting **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland

Below are a few useful key commands for use when troubleshooting issues in the software. All are used by opening the Voyant information dialogue - click the Voyant (or firm logo if rebranded)  top-left. 

NOTE: You can also access the information dialogue from the Open Client Record dialogue. Simply click the small software version number in the lower-left corner of the dialogue. 

With the information dialogue open, move your cursor over the version number and then key the desired key command. 

[Ctrl-Alt   Left click]   Opens Voyant.log file

[Shift-Alt   Left click ]   Creates and open logging.xml

[Ctrl-Shift Right click]   Outputs Plan Data Debug Report

[Ctrl-Alt   Right click]   Exports Current Open Portfolio

[Ctrl-Alt-Shift Left click]   Zips App Dir and put in C:\Users\[user's Windows profile directory]

[Ctrl-Alt-Shift Right click]   Displays login message dialog (e.g. Upcoming classes)