ARCHIVE - Problems Installing Voyant on Mac - I click the Voyant Adviser button but nothing seems to happen **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Issue: I am on a Mac attempting to install Voyant. My browser is Safari. I click Plan Now but nothing seems to happen. 

Cause: Unfortunately, Mac users who try to install Voyant via Safari, which is normally the default browser on Mac OSX, get the impression that nothing happens when the click the Voyant Adviser button. In most cases, the Voyant installation file has indeed been downloaded and is awaiting installation, only Safari is exceedingly (one might say infuriatingly) subtle about it.


Click the small Download button (the downward arrow) in the navigation toolbar, top-right.

A list of downloaded files will be shown. Check for the InstallVoyant.jnlp. This is the Voyant installation file and if out of frustration you clicked Plan Now several times, you may have several of them.

Double-click any downloaded InstallVoyant.jnlp file to begin the installation and to launch Voyant.