ARCHIVE - Problems installing Voyant? - A list of checks and possible solutions **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Do you have a recent version of Java installed on your computer? 

To run the software, your computer must also be running Java 6 Update 14 or later. Java can be downloaded and installed, free of charge, from the Java website,  

To run a quick check of your computer for Java, visit the Java website and click the "Do I have Java?" link.

- Using Voyant Adviser on an older version of Mac OS X? Older versions of the Mac OSX operating system use a separate version of Java provided by Apple. If you are checking for the installation of Java on a Mac computer, you may be directed to use the Software Update feature on the Apple menu. Additional details are available on both the Java website and the Apple Support website.


Try clicking Plan Now a second time. If that does not work, try the secondary launch link. 

Click the Plan Now button to install the software. Alternatively, click the Plan link in the top navigation.

You will know that installation is proceeding when a Java window pops up momentarily followed by a Voyant download window, showing the progress of the download.

The installation should begin quickly, however, if the installation does not begin after about a minute, try clicking the Plan Now button again or the link in the middle of the page to “click here” if the application fails to launch. Sometimes pop-up blockers may prevent the installation from starting.


Try one of these browser or operating system-specific installation tips. 

If clicking this second link doesn't cause the installation to start, visit one of the following browser and operating system-specific installation tips. 

What type of browser are you using to install Voyant?

Firefox (Mozilla)

Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge

Safari (Mac)

Are you trying to install Voyant on a Windows 8 computer? See our special instructions for installing Voyant on Windows 8


None of these solutions work? 

Contact Voyant Support for further assistance.

In some cases, especially if you are working on an enterprise network, a network or local firewall may be preventing the installation of Voyant, in which case you may need to contact your company's technical support staff for further assistance.