ARCHIVE - Opening Voyant - How to launch Voyant (after having installed the software) **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Voyant Adviser runs locally from your computer, much like a desktop application although it really isn't one, strictly speaking. Once you have installed Voyant Adviser, there is no need to log into our website to run it. In fact, doing so will reinstall the software. Reinstallation can be convenient if you ever have problems launching it but this is usually unnecessary.

1. Open Voyant Adviser by clicking the desktop link. If you are using a Windows computer, an additional link to Voyant Adviser is available in the Start menu >    All Programs > Voyant Adviser.


2. Sign into the software using your user name and password.

Problems signing in?

Each time you open Voyant Adviser, the software will synchronise with our servers, loading the latest saved versions of your client files.

After signing in, a brief series of one to three interstitial screens may display, showing: the number of days left in your trial of the software, if you are not currently a subscriber; the software's latest release notes, if an updated release of the software was installed automatically to your computer; and upcoming training opportunities.

3. Click Continue to navigate through these informational screens. 


Problems Opening Voyant - The dreaded "Unable to Launch Application" error

"Unable to launch the application" is a Java error (not an issue with Voyant itself) and it can have a variety of causes. Don't panic. It has nothing to do with your Voyant user account and in no way does it indicate that we have locked out your account or switched off your access to the software. The error indicates that Java is unable to launch the software. 


Cause: Normally, this error is due to a problem with your computer's cache of the software. Voyant uses Java Web Start to store (cache) the application locally and to send software updates to your computer automatically, as they become available.

If you received the error when attempting to launch Voyant from your desktop shortcut, first try revisiting our website (being sure to visit the correct website, of course), sign in, and click the Plan Now button to reinstall the software. Clicking Plan Now should restore your cache of the software. Voyant can then be opened as usual, from the desktop shortcut.  Read more >>

However, if the error occurs after clicking Plan Now, on the Voyant website, the software was unable to cache or re-cache the software. In that case, the error may have a number of different causes and it is best to look at the error message to know how to address the problem. Read more >>

Also, be sure never to re-title/rename the desktop link. Doing so can also interfere with the caching of software updates.