ARCHIVE - Error - "Unable to launch the application" error appears after I click the Plan Now button on the Voyant website **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Issue: An "unable to launch application" error appears when I click the Plan Now button or 'Try to launch' link on the Voyant website. 



"Unable to launch the application" is a Java error (not an issue with Voyant itself) and it can have a variety of causes. Don't panic. It has nothing to do with your Voyant user account and in no way does it indicate that we have locked out your account or switched off your access to the software. The error indicates that Java is unable to launch the software. 

Cause: If the error occurs after clicking Plan Now, on the Voyant website, the software was unable to cache or recache the software. In that case, the error may have a number of different causes and it is best to look at the error message. 


[Example of corrupt cache entry]




Step 1: Clear cache. Need Help? -> How to clear your computer's java cache

Step 2: Re-login to the website and launch via Plan Now.


[Example of unable to retrieve resource]




Step 1: Check proxy settings

Step 2: Check local installed firewall


[Example of missing version header]




Using ??????? device or corporate proxy server/firewall? Check allowed headers to confirm that “x-java-jnlp-version-id” is allowed.


Need additional Info? -> link to another page content as shown below


The error you are receiving from Java indicates that the version response is missing from the message that is being retrieved from our servers. Usually this indicates that something either on your network or on your computer is stripping versioning information from headers. This header information must be allowed in order for our software to run.


Here is some additional technical information for your IT department.


The Java Web Start component of the JRE is looking for a specific header (x-java-jnlp-version-id) in the response from our web servers when it requests the application resources. On very rare occasions we have found that some firms operate through firewalls and/or proxy servers which remove these headers from the response.


If you’d like to test this outside of the Java environment, the url format for a versioned resource is as follows.


Below is the expected response as picked up by a network request monitoring tool (I’ve used Fiddler with Firefox).


HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2011 12:44:56 GMT

x-java-jnlp-version-id: 3.2.65_sig2012

Last-Modified: Wed, 06 Jul 2011 22:08:32 GMT


Content-Type: application/java-archive;charset=UTF-8

Content-Length: 7489262

Set-Cookie: BALANCEID=balancer.app1; path=/;

Keep-Alive: timeout=15, max=100

Connection: Keep-Alive


These solutions do not resolve the problem. Where do I go from here?

If this error persists after you have attempted to reinstall the software, it may indicate an issue with your Java settings, a personal permissions issue on your computer, or more likely, a network or local firewall is blocking the installation of Voyant. A firewall issue might require assistance from your local IT support. 

When the error appears, please click the Additional Information link on the error message. Select the Wrapped Exception tab and copy the information shown on this tab. Please email this information to