ARCHIVE - Tip for Offline Usage - Always follow the online-offline-online rule **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

When you plan to use Voyant offline, always follow the online-offline-online rule.

1. On the computer that you plan to take offline, open the software online before leaving to go offsite. Open the software by clicking the desktop link to Voyant, not by logging in through our website. Sign into the software, allowing it to automatically synchronise client files with our servers.

2. Close the software.

3. Use the software offline and save any changes made to your client's case.

4. Reopen Voyant (on the same computer) and log into the software as soon as you are in a location where internet service is available (e.g. at the office, at home).

Logging in online allows the software to synchronise with our servers and loads any unsaved changes to the client case, made from other computers, onto the computer that is about to be taken offline.

Also, opening the computer online validates your licence with our servers, renewing your 7 day offline  usage maximum. Users who forget to log in on a computer since they last took it offline may be unpleasantly surprised to find that they are well past the 7 consecutive day count and are not allowed to open the software in offline mode before first connecting with our servers.  

Once you have used the software offline, save any changes, and close the software

As soon as you return to a location with internet access, open the software online. Doing so will ensure that any changes made offline are uploaded to our servers and are available for access on other computers. Also and perhaps most importantly, logging in again ASAP ensures that your offline day count is refreshed for the next time you need to use Voyant in offline mode on this computer.


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