ARCHIVE - Offline Access is Limited to 7 Consecutive Days - Message, "You have # days until your offline licence must be re-validated" **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Offline Access is Limited to 7 Consecutive Days

The software can be used in offline mode for only up to a maximum of 7 consecutive calendar days, after which you will be required to log in online and confirm your account credentials. The 7 calendar day countdown begins as soon as you login offline. This countdown runs for seven consecutive days following login, not seven days of usage. The countdown continues regardless of whether you are using the software during this time. After seven days is up, you must log into the software online. Once you have connected to our servers, the offline usage count is set to zero.

Important Note:  Offline Usage Countdowns are Tracked and Reset on a per Computer, per User Account Basis

Licence validations and offline usage countdowns are tracked on a per computer and per user account basis. For example,  you used Voyant today offline on a laptop. When you logged on in offline mode, a 7 day usage countdown began for your user account on that laptop. Logging into Voyant from another computer, a desktop computer at work , for example, would not reset the offline countdown for the laptop. You must log into Voyant online again on the laptop, using your user account, to reset the offline usage count to zero on that computer.

Tip: This seven day limit is another good reason to log in again once an online connection is available. Once you log in online, the offline usage day count is reset to zero, readying the software for the next time you need to use it in offline mode. If you sign in online again as soon as possible, after having used the software offline, you should never run afoul of the 7 day limit.


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