After Importing - A quick checklist for review following the import of a client fact find

Below is a quick list of things to check after you’ve imported a client case. Further details follow on how to address these potential issues.

1. After importing, check the bottom of any screen in the software for error messages. These messages are links, which you can click to jump directly to the item in question and correct the problem. Be sure to read the error message. The descriptions in these messages are usually helpful. Read more >>

2. Check the Expenses > Milestones screen for imported milestone expenses and correct their timing.  Read more >>

3. Check the timing and ownership of other expenses and confirm they are timed correctly and owned by the correct owner(s).  Read more >>

4. Double-check your client’s expenses for possible double-accounting. If your client is itemizing expenses, verify that they do not include taxes, premiums on protection policies, and debt payments. These expenses are created automatically by the software. Read more >>

For example, if they included a debt such as a mortgage in their fact find, the software will automatically create for this debt a “debt payment” expense, which can be found on the Expenses > Basics screen of the software. Future premium payments are also scheduled automatically when you manually enter protection policies into Voyant. Taxes are calculated and charged annually by the software.

5. Check planned future contributions to savings, investments and pensions and set the timing of these contributions, if necessary. Also set any employer contributions to defined contribution pension schemes, if applicable.  Read more >>

6. If the plan includes properties that have related debts, such as mortgages, and incomes, such as rental income, link these debts and incomes to the related property.  Read more >>

7. Use Voyant Advisor to enter items that are not importable from the fact find. Items that are not importable including: anticipated future windfalls, defined benefit pensions, annuities, state pension benefits, protection policies, first year carry-forward taxes and tax refunds, and special estate plans.  Read more >>

8. If an error occurs when importing, check the names of the items within the fact find for commas and remove them.

If a spouse or civil partner is missing from the imported plan, verify that the marital status is set to Married / Civil Partnership.  Read more >>

9. Last but certainly not least, proofread your client’s information. Clients make mistakes. Check their entries and verify that they make sense in context of the plan. 

This is perhaps the most important step. There is no substitute for proofreading. Check your client's entries and verify that they make sense in context of the plan. For example, did your client select appropriate savings and investment types? It is impossible to cover everything that might warrant fact checking, but as a rule, check the case. 


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