How to update an existing client case by importing new information from a fact find

Aside from being used to create entirely new client cases, the importable fact find can also be used to update existing client cases in Voyant.

Suppose you’ve already built a case file for a client. The fact find could be updated during your next review with the client and the information therein imported into the client’s case file as a new base plan, leaving the original base plan and any scenarios (what-if plans) in place for comparison and for use in tracking progress.

Please Note: Before beginning, it is important to understand that the new base plan created by importing a fact find will be a fresh start.

Any information entered into the client case to date will remain in the client file. But this information will stand apart from the new base plan that will be created when a fresh set of client information is imported from the fact find. Voyant does not merge information from an imported fact find into existing base plans and scenarios. The imported fact will exist as an entirely new base plan within an existing client case.


Would you rather bring the start date of the plan forward and simply update a few balances in your existing client case?

A better option would be to use Voyant’s plan update wizard and simply reference the fact find for updated totals. Any new items can be added to the client case following the update. Instructions on how to use the wizard to update plans, together with a link to an instructional video, can be found here in our knowledge base.



How to import a fact find into an existing client case

 To import a fact find into an existing client case, first open Voyant Adviser and sign in. Click past our training schedule and any release notes that might be displayed initially.

The Open Client Record dialogue will display, as shown below.


If you already have Voyant open, click the Client: Open link (top-left) to open this dialogue.

1. Select the client case you want to update and click the Import button.


2. Click option 2, Import INTO Client.

This option will import the contents of the fact find into the client case as a new Base Plan, leaving older base plans and scenarios available for reference.

3. Use the Open file dialogue to locate and select the fact find.

4. Click the Open button.

5. Click Client: Save (top-left) once you are ready to save the updated client case.

6. To complete the update, follow the instructions detailed in this checklist to correct errors, reset timing, and enter information that is not imported from the fact find.

Information imprinted into the client case from the fact find will be shown as the new Base Plan (Active). Older base plans and scenarios will be shown beneath it in the list of plans, top-left.


How to rename the new base plan

If you want to rename the new base plan or for that matter, delete any of these older scenarios or base plans, click Manage Plans, top-left.


The Plan Management dialogue will display.

To rename a plan, double-click its name and enter a new one.


To delete an older base plan or scenario, click the X button beside it. Note that we generally recommend you keep older base plans to compare against your client’s latest updates, to track progress.




Concerned about losing your past work following this update?

Every time the Client: Save button is clicked a fully functional version of the client file is stored into the version history, creating a complete audit trail. The version history can be visited to open and view a client file as it was when saved in the past or to see comments attached to versions. You can also open and revert to an earlier version of a client file, if necessary.

1. To view the version history, click the Manage Plans button.

2. The Plan Management dialogue will display. Click the View Versions button, bottom-left.

3. The Version Management dialogue will display showing the version history. Select the versions to view any attached comments.

To open and view an older version of a plan, select the version and click Open.

If you need to revert to an older version of a plan, open and view it, then click the Client: Save button. When resaved, this older version of the client file will be saved into the version history as the newest working version of the file.  


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