Ireland Fact Find - How to create a new client case by importing a fact find into Voyant

First, be sure that you are using the Voyant fact find or a version of the fact find that has been white labeled for your firm. 

>> The fact find for Voyant Adviser Ireland can be downloaded here.  

>> Read the user's guide to the importable fact find


To import a fact find, first open Voyant Adviser and sign in. Click past our training schedule and any release notes that might be displayed initially.

The Open Client Record dialogue will display, as shown below.

If you already have Voyant open, click the Client: Open link (top-left) to open this dialogue.

1. If this is a new client, do not select any existing client cases. Simply click the Import button.



Note: If you want to import information from a fact find into a client case that already exists in Voyant, first select the client and click Import. Instructions on how to update existing client cases with information from an importable fact find can be found in the final section of this guide.

2. Use the Open file dialogue to locate and select the fact find.

3. Click the Open button to import the fact find.


4. Click Client: Save (top-left) once you are ready to save the new client case.

Once saved, the client case will appear on the Open Client Record dialogue, in the list of clients on the My Clients or All Clients tab.


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