Potential issues and errors when importing from a fact find

If you want to include a spouse or partner in the plan, you must indicate your marital status (as being either married or in a non-legal partnership); otherwise this second person will be disregarded and omitted when importing the fact find into Voyant.


Commas can also cause problems. Commas are used in string arrays and when the software converts the entries from the fact find into a string of raw data for import into Voyant, a comma will break the string.

If you get a puzzling error, like the following, stating:

"Error opening file: Exception encountered creating plan people objects"

Check the names of the items in the section of the fact find referenced in the error message. If any have names that include commas, remove them.

In this case the import failed because a property could not be created due to a comma in its name. Remove the comma and try importing the fact find again. However, before you do, it might be a good idea to perform a quick search for other commas. The CTRL + F key command will bring up the search function in Adobe Acrobat.


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