After Importing (Step 7) - Use Voyant Advisor to enter items that are not importable from the fact find

Not all of the information in the fact find is importable. Items that can be imported are noted with a symbol.

Other items such as protection policies, final salary schemes, and annuities are simply too complex or have too many possible options to be captured by the fact find and keep the questionnaire client friendly.


The items that are not currently imported are:

- First year carry-forward taxes and tax refunds, which can be entered on the Taxes screen;

- Anticipated future windfalls, which can be entered on the Windfalls screen;

- Defined benefit pensions, which can be entered on the Pensions > Defined Benefit screen;

- Annuities, which can be entered on the Pensions > Annuity screen;

- State pension benefits, which can be entered on the Pensions > State Pensions screen;

- Protection policies, which can be entered on the various Protection screens;

- Special estate plans, which can be entered on the Estate Plans screen.



Although clients may note in the fact find other special benefits such as death in service and widow’s pensions, the details of these benefits are not collected or imported.

These notations are intended to serve as a cue to gather additional information about these benefits.



You may enter these benefits under Advanced Settings on either the Employment or Final Salary screens, depending on the basis for the benefit.


Also check the various notes sections of the fact find.


You might consider copying and pasting this supplemental information into the Notes section of Voyant's Overview screen for reference onscreen or inclusion in printable reports.




Last but certainly not least...

Proofread your client’s information. Clients make mistakes. Check their entries and verify that they make sense in context of the plan. 

This is perhaps the most important step. There is no substitute for proofreading. Check your client's entries and verify that they make sense in context of the plan. For example, did your client select appropriate savings and investment types? It is impossible to cover everything that might warrant fact checking, but as a rule, check the case. 


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