ARCHIVE - Unable to Save - Failure to Synchronise (Synchronize), Synchronization Error While Saving **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

If you receive a synchronization error when attempting to save recent changes to a client case and want to be sure not to lose your work:


As a Safeguard - Manually Back Up Your Current File Before Closing the Software

First, back up the current plan and save it locally, just as a precaution to ensure that no work will be lost.

  1. Close the synchronisation error message.
  2. Click the logo in the top-left corner of the software screen.

A dialogue will display showing the version number and links to 'View Release Notes' and 'View System Info'.

  1. Move your cursor over the software's version number and press the following key combination on your keyboard:

CTRL + ALT + right-click 

NOTE: for most Mac Users:  CTRL + ALT + FN + click on the one button Mac mouse. FN + Click is the Mac equivalent of a right-click. If this combination doesn't work, try CTRL + OPTION + right-click 

  1. An 'anonymize' dialogue will display. Click 'no'. (Note you would only click 'yes' if you want the client's name removed). 
  2. A Save dialogue will display. Enter a name for the backup file (e.g. the name of the client) and using the dialogue, select an easy-to-find location on your computer to store the backup .vyt client file.

Next Steps:

5. Click the X button, top-right, to close the software.

6. Reopen Voyant.

7. Does the sync error recur?

- If not, open the client that you were attempting to save.

IN MOST CASES – The file will still be saved locally even after a failure to synchronise message appears.

Are your latest changes present?

YES - The latest changes are present. Hurray. No further action is needed. This was a glitch when saving.

NO - The changes are not present. Try importing the backup file saved a moment ago.

Select the client record on the Open Client Record dialogue but do not open it. 

Click the Import button.

Locate the client record saved earlier and open it.

You will be asked whether you want to save the file as a new version of the client record. Click Yes.

The record will be saved into the client file as a new version, hopefully containing the adviser's changes. 

- If the synchronization error persists.

Press SHIFT and click the Sync button the Open Client Record dialogue. This key command, which should be used very sparingly, will completely rebuild the local database using files from our servers. 

Once completed, refer to the steps above regarding checking for the latest changes. 


The client file does not appear on the Open Client record dialogue

If the client record does not appear in the Open Client Record dialogue, you should still have the option to restore it from the software's auto-backup. Read more >>