After Importing (Step 5) - Check for planned future contributions to investments and pensions

Be sure to check the SavingsInvestments, and Pensions – Defined Contribution sections of the fact find for planned future contributions. Although planned contribution amounts can be imported, the fact find does not capture the duration of these contributions.

Set a planned future contribution period in the Time panel, to the right side of the screen, by selecting a start event (green dot) and end event (red dot).


Also, check the Pensions – Defined Contribution section of the fact find for pension contributions made by your client's employer. Employee contributions are importable whereas employer contributions are not. Employer contributions may be fixed or matching, based on a percentage of salary or a stated amount. Due to the numerous options, we do not currently import employer contributions to money purchases. These contributions must be set manually.


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Step 6, if any properties have associated debts or incomes, link these to the property.


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