Trialing as a group, together with colleagues

Q - Is it possible to trial Voyant as a group, together with my colleagues, so that we can share information while trialing the software? 


A - Yes. It is usually best for at least one user at your firm to register for a trial first. We can then build a multi-user trial around that person's trial subscription.  

Next, contact Voyant Support with a list of the emails addresses of the users that will be participating in your firm's trial of Voyant. Our support staff can then send invitations to these users, inviting them to create trial accounts within your firm's trial subscription. 

Also let support know if: 

- Any of your colleagues have already registered for a trial, we can merge their trial accounts into your firm's trial subscription; 

- Any (or all) of your colleagues should have access to all of the client cases within your firm's trial subscription, we will set their account permissions accordingly. 

Note: Please bear in mind that once the 30 day trial ends, trial access will end for all of the users in the subscription. The firm may then decide which user accounts will be activated within the subscription, should you wish to subscribe.