Market Assumptions / Asset Allocations - Model portfolios missing from Voyant after moving to a new computer

Q - I created and saved several model portfolios to my computer. Now that I have moved to another computer, those portfolios are no longer available to select and apply to the investments in my new client cases. Is there a way to bring those portfolios over to my new computer? 

A - If your firm subscribes to our rebranding/white labelling service, simply let us know what these model portfolios will be and we can make them a permanent part of your firm's semi-bespoke version of Voyant. Let us know if this is the case and we will send you a document that shows how we will need to receive these portfolios (in an Excel file) for addition to your rebrand. Read more >>

Otherwise, model portfolios are stored only locally on a per computer basis.

Asset allocations only become persistent from computer to computer once they are used in client cases. When you open a client case that uses one or more of your model portfolios on another computer, the portfolios used in the plan will be added to that computer's asset allocation library.

If you've used any or all of your model portfolios in client cases, simply open those cases on the new computer. Once the client case is opened, the portfolios used in it will be added to that computer's portfolio library.

If you've never used these portfolios in any client case, the only way to add them to the library on additional computers would be to either recreate and save them or an easier option would be to open Voyant on the computer that currently has the portfolios, create a test client case, add a series of investments to the test case (e.g. investment 1, investment 2...), and assign each investment one of your model asset allocations, ultimately using all of your model portfolios in the client case. Save the client case and then open it on your new computer. The model portfolios will be added automatically to the asset allocation library on that computer.

This is a low tech way of sharing portfolios. With rebranding, we would add and maintain the portfolios as part of your firm's semi-bespoke version of the software and the portfolios would be shared, among all of your computers and all of the user accounts at your firm. However, rebranding is strictly an optional service and the solution described should work if you don't need rebranding.