Ongoing updates to the Elevate eValue FE market assumptions

AXA provides Voyant quarterly updates to their eValue FE market assumptions.  The market assumptions updates include changes to the returns for each of their asset classes, along with updates to the allocation mix for each of their model portfolios.  Additionally, they provide updates to a few of the default preference values including the inflation rate preference.  AXA does not provide any preference values for the default investment growth rate, nor the default savings rate.

After an update is deployed in to our system, all of the default preferences will be updated such that new plans created following the update will use these new preference values.  An existing plan that utilizes the Towers Watson market assumptions and model portfolios will be updated to the latest market assumption values the next time the plan is opened.  If the plan uses a model portfolio that has been updated, Voyant will actually prompt the adviser, upon opening, to determine whether the portfolio in the plan should be updated to the new version or kept as is.  The market assumptions values themselves are automatically updated without prompting.  However, here's the key distinction, the default preference values provided by AXA for things like rate of inflation are not automatically updated in any existing plans. An adviser needs to update these values on their own if desired.