ARCHIVE - Maximum Investment Plans (MIPs) and Qualified Savings Plans (QSPs), how to model these products in Adviser **Voyant Adviser, UK**

Voyant does not currently have a facility for modellig Maximum Investment Plans (MIPs) or for that matter Qualified Savings Plans.

The closest facility would be to model one as an endowment.

To model the MIP as an endowment, go to Protection > Term & Endowment screen. Select Type, Personal Policy.

Select the owner in the People panel, right.

If the endowment is owned currently by the client, choose Begin Premiums at Event (the default) and select the Start event on the Time panel, Event tab, located on the right side of the screen. A green dot will appear next to the selected event.

Enter in the Benefit Amount field the amount of the endowment.

Enter the Term remaining until payout.

Enter the Annual Premium. Note: An annual expense will be created automatically by the software to account for premium payments.

Expand the Payout at End of Term (Maturity) panel.

Tick the “Receive Payout at End of Term” check box. This is used to model endowments. Additional options are available for setting the death benefit and growing the maturity value, if needed, using either a fixed growth rate or an asset allocation.

Under 'Maturity Payout Taxation' select the relevant option i.e. 'do not tax' if qualifying.

Click add (or Update) to save your changes.