Multi-currency - Can incomes and investments be entered in multiple currencies?

Q - Can incomes and investments be entered in multiple currencies? 

A - Voyant is at present a single currency software. The software is not a multi-currency, multi-tax jurisdictional tool. All calculations in our UK software, for example, are performed in British pound sterling (GBP). The software is also coded to be tax regime specific.

However, any currency could in theory be entered but the rates would need to be consistent throughout the plan). In terms of currency, you could enter valuations in Swedish Krona, for example, as long as you are consistent, but the currency symbols onscreen and in the reports will be that of the country the software is written for: US dollar, Canadian dollar, British pound sterling or the Euro for Ireland.

Also, the Other Income (non-taxable) and Investment type of Offshore Taxable might be used to eschew most of the coded taxation rules.

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