ARCHIVE - Lost work? How to restore lost updates from Voyant's auto-backup **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Saving information in Voyant

It is generally very difficult to lose any data when working in Voyant, especially when working online, provided that you save your changes before closing the software. The software should provide a warning if you attempt to close it before saving your changes but do not rely solely on this warning. Be sure to save your work.



Whenever you click the Save button top-left, your changes will be synchronised automatically with our servers. 



If you are working in the software while offline (in offline mode), changes will be stored locally. Once you close and then later reopen the software while online, your changes will be synchronised automatically with our servers. 

Moreover, anytime you save your changes they will be stored as a version in the client file's version history.

You can view and even revert back to older versions of a client case, if necessary, by going to Plan Management > View Versions. If you select an older version of the case, open it and click Save, a copy of that version will be saved to the top of the queue, effectively reverting to an older version of the file. 




As an additional precaution, Voyant also performs an auto-backup of the client case you are working in every 10 minutes. In the event a power outage or computer crash, these backup files are stored locally and can be accessed to restore your work if the software is shut down suddenly before you've had an opportunity to save your changes. 

The auto-backup works by waking up every 10 minutes after the last user save and writing a copy of the current client file, if there are unsaved changes. Additionally, a copy is written whenever the user saves a client record. This means that each version of a client file saved by the user will be written to auto-backup as well.


Where to find Voyant's auto-backup settings and the backup folder

1. The auto-backup setting is found in Preferences (the cog top-left). Note, you will need to have a client case open to access Preferences. 


2. In the System Preferences (on the left side of the screen) expand Application Preferences.

3. Backup files can be accessed by clicking Open Backup Folder. Backup files are stored in client specific sub-directories. 

Unless "Disable Auto Backup" is ticked deliberately, the software will perform auto-backups every 10 minutes as you build and edit each client case. 


How to restore client information from auto-backup

4. Click Open Backup Folder to access the folder storing these backup files. Backup files are encrypted and stored in a client specific sub-directory.

Note: Auto-updates are stored in user specific directories. You will only be allowed to import auto-updates when logged into Voyant using that user's credentials.

5. Open the appropriate client specific sub-directory.

6. To find the latest backup file, switch to the "Details" view of the folder and sort the files by date by clicking the "Date modified" column heading. 



Copy the latest version to an easy to find location on your computer (e.g. to your desktop or My Documents folder).

7. To restore the case, go to the Open Client record dialogue by clicking the double-arrow button top left.


If you have saved the client case before, find and select the client case on this dialogue without opening it.

Click the Import button, find and select the backup file.

You will be presented with three options: to overwrite the client record, import into the selected client record, or create a new client record.

Generally its best to select option 1) to OVERWRITE the client case with the contents form the backup. Your previously saved versions will still be available in the version history. 

If you select option 2) to IMPORT the backup into the client record, the contents of the backup file will be imported as a new Base Plan within the client case. 


- If you've never saved the client case before, simply click Import, select the backup file and open it.


8. In either case, be sure to click the Save button top-left to save your changes.