Bespoke Reports - Can data from Voyant be exported into custom reports (report templates)?

Q - Is it possible to export reports to an existing word document, inserting sections from Voyant automatically into parts of our firm's standard report, which is a Word doc?

A - The software doesn't offer custom reports as a standard "out of the box" capability.

We have for some firms created custom Word reports with advisor's standard commentary and advice inserted, but that would be a customisation. There would be an hourly rate charge for any customisations, above our standard costs for white labeling (rebranding).

In order to give you an estimate for bespoke reports, we would need to see an example of what you are looking for in your reports. If you have a standard report template, please send it to  Or alternatively, take a Voyant generated report and mark it up to show us the changes you want made.