Bonuses - How to model variable income from bonuses

Bonuses are calculated annually and will grow in line with employment income, as set in the Employment screen's  Advanced Settings > Growth panel. 

If bonuses need to be grown at a different rate than income or entered as a fixed amount, consider entering them as a separate item from the main employment income. 

If you need to increase or decrease bonuses in the future, you can do so using the Advanced Settings > Step Up / Step Down facility, which allows bonuses, income, dividends and benefits in kind to be increased or decreased (stepped up or down) at future events. 

Events are normally used to schedule future steps. Simply deselect (untick) any of the items on the Step Up / step Down panel that are not to be stepped. Events can be added as needed to the timeline from the Time panel to the right of the screen. Select the Event tab and click the New Event button bottom right. You can also drag and drop events to the timeline on the Time screen.