ARCHIVE - About the General Overviews **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**


It is usually a good idea to visit the General Overview screen to double-check all of the information in your client's case.

As a first step, you might fact check the plan overviews after entering or updating a client case or importing your client's information from an importable fact find or one of our integration partners. The general overview can also be a good place to begin your review of a plan with your client, especially if this is the first time they have seen their case in Voyant. 

Select Overview > General in the left navigation.

The General Overview presents a summary of the inputs used to create the plan in view. These inputs may include events, income, savings, investments, pensions, property/assets, protection policies, debts, and expenses.

Initial first-year values

The values shown in the Overview are generally initial values, as of the start of the plan. Transactional information such as future deposits or withdrawals, are to be found in the details of the Let's See charts. For example, a future unsecured pension that will be funded later in the plan will be shown in the Overview to have an initial balance of £0. Future expenses are an exception. A future purchase will show the initial amount of the expense once it becomes active in the plan.


Links to items within the plan  

Each item in the overview is a link, which provides quick access to the item within the plan. If any of the items look questionable, click the link to view the details. To view the details of a savings account, for example, simply click the name of the account or its balance in the Overview to visit the Savings screen, where these details can be viewed and the account edited, if necessary.


Other overviews

Additional overviews are available including the year-by-year balance sheet and income vs. expenditures overviews, the asset allocation overview, and immediate and long-term IHT legacy overviews for estate planning.