ARCHIVE - Unable to Launch Application - "SSLHandshakeException" **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

This error usually indicates that messages to or from our servers are being blocked by a network proxy server. 

The software normally works fine through regular proxy servers.

Java will in most cases automatically pick up the proxy settings from the user's browser, however, this does not always work.


You may, much as you do in a browser, add proxy server settings to the Voyant software manually.


You will find these fields on the login dialogue.


However, this assumes a normal proxy server configuration. In a few cases we have dealt with firms who have their proxy servers set to terminate SSL at the proxy, using a man in the middle attack. This results in Java detecting that the server certificate in the response does not come from our server and Java, will for purposes of security, block the request.


If you find this is the case, please contact Voyant support for a possible workaround.