ARCHIVE - Bonds (Life Funds) - How to schedule the surrender (encashment, liquidation) of a bond **Voyant Adviser, UK**

On the investments screen, with the bond selected in the ledger (right), go to the Time panel.

For a bond you are normally required to select a start event (a green dot), indicating if the bond is owned today or when it is to be purchased in the future) and an end event (red dot), indicating when the bond is to be fully encashed/surrendered.

If the bond is to be surrendered next year, for example, have an event in that year of the plan and select it as the bond's end event (red dot).

If the bond is to be surrendered now, as of the first year of the plan, do not select an end event. No red dot should appear on the Time panel. Select only the Start event (green dot). This implied that the bond is to be liquidated in year one.

If you then view the Let's See > Cash Flow chart in its Detailed view, you should see a lavender coloured spike in the chart showing an asset liquidation in the year selected.


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