ARCHIVE - Market Assumptions / Asset Allocations – Derive an asset allocation based on an account’s holdings **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Asset allocations for funds are normally entered at the more general asset level. However, you can enter these funds at the holdings level, identifying them by ISIN, ticker symbol, etc.

To do this, go to the asset allocation panel on the appropriate screen of the software, depending on the type of investment. This panel can be found usually under Advanced Settings on the Investments screen and on the Pensions > Money Purchase and Drawdown Pensions screens. You can also find the software's default Asset Allocation on the Preferences screen, which is accessed by clicking the cog, top-left.

On the Asset Allocation panel you will find the Account Holdings View/Edit button. Click this button.

The Account Holdings dialogue will display.

On this screen you can build an asset allocation from individual holdings by entering the holding ID (e.g. the ISIN code), use the drop-down to identify the type of ID (e.g. ISIN), enter a name for the holding, its value, the percentage it comprises of the overall investment, and assign to it an asset class.

Note: Asset classes and the market assumptions that back them can be easily customised in Voyant, if necessary. As a default we use assumptions and asset classes provided by Dimensional Fund Advisors.

Repeat these steps until you've allocated 100% of the asset allocation. Click OK to apply these updates to the asset allocation.

You can save this asset allocation to your asset allocation library, for later reuse,  by clicking the Save button and assigning the asset allocation a name. You may then later reuse a saved asset allocation by clicking the Load button on the Asset Allocation panel.

Please bear in mind that you are not required to build asset allocations from the holdings level, but this option is available if needed.