Market Assumptions / Asset Allocations - Can additional or alternative asset classes be added to the software?

Q - I notice that Voyant is packaged with a set of asset classes and market assumptions that my firm doesn't normally use. Could we add to the existing market assumptions or better still, use our own preferred set of asset classes market assumptions? 

A - Voyant is a software provider, not a market data provider, and we take a strictly neutral approach to market data and other assumptions. 

We do provide packaged with our software (depending on the version you are using) sample market assumptions provided by Dimensional Fund Advisors. 

In fact, we have developed the software to operate using virtually any set of market data, provided the numbers provided correlate.

Voyant Adviser is completely customisable and can be set to use any market data you choose. If you are interested, I would be happy to send you information on how to load your own preferred set of market data into Voyant.

Also note that if you use our optional rebranding (white labeling) service, our team can load and maintain this data for you as a standard part of that service offering. Read more >>