Expenses, Premiums - Protection policy premiums are not listed on the basic expenses screen

Q - Why are linked expenses shown for debts on the ledger of the Expenses > Basics screen but not for the premium payments made on various protection policies?

A - Payments on debts are adjustable. One might want to model increases or decreases in debt payments at various points in the planning timeline -- e.g. applying a large lump sum inflow to paying down a debt and then resuming regular payments a year later. We assume that premium payments on protection policies are fixed for the term of the policy.

Premium expenses are treated like one-off purchases, in that the expenses created are part of the cash flow calculation but are not configurable annually, therefore no need to show them on the Expenses > Basics screen, which is used for this purpose.

If you want to view and track premium expenses, you can see those that are being paid at the start of the plan on the Overview > General overview and those paid in the current and future years of the plan in the Overview > Income vs. Expenditures overview, where they will be listed as an expenditure. 

They can also be viewed on the Let's See charts details panel. To view the chart details, click any bar/year of the chart and select Detailed Info, at the bottom of the chart legend. Premium payments will be shown on the panel's Expenses tab and on the Protection tab, in the Premium/Required Payment column.