Trusts - Place a property into trust

The software doesn't currently model the gifting of properties (directly), i.e. the property in question would need to be liquidated first with the cash proceeds being gifted. As such, we would suggest the following:

1. Amend the Effective Purchase Value of the property/asset, so as to eliminate the CGT implications from liquidation. If appropriate, you may also - Under Advanced Settings > Details - choose to set Growth/Depreciation to 0%, so that the asset value will not be appreciated from the plan start date.

2. Schedule the liquidation of the property in the appropriate year - you will need an event, for this purpose. The liquidation will be scheduled by denoting both a start event (green dot) and an end event (red dot) in the Time panel, within the Property/Assets screen. Alternatively, you can also schedule the liquidation within Advanced Settings > Liquidation, also within the Property/Assets screen, having first highlighted the property within the Ledger.

3. Create a Trust asset, under Investments, with a one-off contribution (green dot only - no red dot) of the sale proceeds, linked to the same event/same year, as that used for the asset liquidation, above. Type='Other Trusts'

Note: Alternatively, you could schedule a one-off transfer into the trust from the year's surplus. This might be a good alternative approach if you already have regular contributions being made into the trust. Go to the Transfers / Additional Contributions panel. Select the event marking the year of liquidation. Transfer To this Account. Enter the amount of the gifted (i.e. liquidated property).  Be sure to make the transfer From Surplus. 

Using the Trust account, the gift will be treated as immediately outside of the client's estate for IHT purposes.