Risk profile - Unable to view the asset allocation to risk score comparison in Voyant for Elevate

Q - I have loaded my model asset allocations into the Voyant-Elevate software but when i try to assess risk score for a client the system tells me to add risk scores under my preferences. What does this mean? 

A - Risk weightings are for each asset class required in order to derive a comparison between a given model portfolio (asset allocation) and your clients' risk scores. These can be added on the Preferences screen, on the Market Assumptions panel, on the Risk Score sub-panel. 

However, I see that you use the Elevate release of the software. Unfortunately, AXA does not provide risk weightings in the market assumptions that accompany their version of Voyant. 

Any changes to their standard market assumptions will automatically switch off certain stochastic modelling features in the software, including the Optimise risk-portfolio selection slider and the Monte Carlo simulation. That said, if you make this edit, you could see whether a given portfolio (asset allocation) is a suitable match to your client's risk score based on the weightings you have assigned to the asset classes in the Elevate market assumptions.