ARCHIVE - Timing Debts - Using the Time panel to schedule debts **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

When entering or editing items in Voyant, you may need to use the Time panel to help schedule its timing within the plan. The Time panel and its events and stages have different uses depending on screen and the item that is being scheduled.

For Debts, the Time panel is used to schedule the start of the debt or to indicate if the debt is already active at the beginning of the plan. 


Timing debts that are already active at the start of the plan

Select the Start event (green dot) on the Time panel. This is the software’s default.


Scheduling future debts

Select a single future event to indicate when the debt will become active in the plan.

Note: This selection may not be necessary if you are linking the debt to a property that your client intends to purchase in the future. By linking the property to a debt, the debt will inherit the property's time settings (scheduling). 


The New Event button (on the Time panel’s Event tab) can be used to add a future start event to the timeline, if needed. 



Note: If the future debt is not linked to a property or asset but the funds should be received as a credit, expand Advanced Settings > Details and tick Receive Debt Amount as Cash.


Time and Ownership - The timing of property linked debts

When a debt is linked to a property, the debt will inherit the start and end events of that property, to indicate that the debt will end if and when the property is sold. These events are greyed out (disabled) and cannot be edited nor should they need to be edited as long as the debt remains linked to a property.

Ownership of the debt will also be inherited from the linked property. The debt will be owned by the owners of the linked property. 


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