Installation - Unable to install Voyant on Windows 8

I try installing Voyant on my Windows 8 computer but nothing seems to happen. I click Plan Now and either the screen flashes briefly and nothing happens or I receive a prompt asking me to select a program to open/run the Voyant.jnlp file. Java is not listed among these programs. 

Although the latest version of Java is clearly installed, Windows 8 does not seem to be making, in some cases at least, the file type association between Java and the .JNLP file even though Java is clearly installed on the computer. 

First confirm that the computer is running Windows 8 Pro, which supports Java. The pared down Windows 8 RT is something similar to iOS for iPads and Android. It does not support Java. Windows 8 Pro is a complete Windows operating system that supports Java. 

The easiest way to check is to ask the user if a Desktop tile is available on the Windows 8 Metro desktop. 

After having verified that the user is running Windows 8 Pro, next be sure that the user is NOT using the link to Internet Explorer from the Metro (the tiled tablet view) of the operating system. The IE tile points to a pared down (deprecated) version of IE that will not run installation scripts. 

Click instead the Desktop tile to visit the traditional Windows desktop. 

On the desktop, click the link to IE. 

NOTE: If Firefox or Chrome are installed, both can be launched from either the Metro view or from links on the traditional desktop. In either case, the Firefox or Chrome browser will launch from the traditional desktop. 

Visit the Voyant website to try to launch the software. 

If the software cannot be launched and especially if you receive a prompt asking you to select a program to run the voyant.jnlp, for Java as an option. If Java is not available as an launch program option, return to and reinstall Java. There is no need to uninstall it. 

If you receive a prompt stating that, "the latest version is already installed would you like to reinstall it?", click Yes to reinstall Java. 

Once Java is reinstalled, close the browser, reopen it, visit the Voyant website, sign in and click the Plan Now button. 


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