Browsers - Internet browser requirements

Q - What are the minimum versions of Internet browsers that are recommended to be used to run Voyant?

A - Voyant runs through Java WebStart, not in a browser, and we do normally limit user accounts to running Voyant on up to two authorised devices per user license. We perform this check for authorised computers based on MAC address. However, in a Citrix environment a user may be assigned to a range of virtual clients. On our end of things, we would need to ensure that this authorised computer limit is switched off for your user accounts in order to accommodate the number of virtual clients they may use.

Since Voyant does not run in the browser -- it is only initially installed from and can be launched through Java WebStart via a browser – browser requirements need only support to download of a JNLP file and active X controls, which we use primarily to check for the presence of Java on the computer or server that will be launching Voyant.

Microsoft Edge is supported as is Chrome, Firefox and Safari.