ARCHIVE - Crystallised Pension Benefits - Increase or decrease taxable income (via Flexi-Access Drawdown) **Voyant Adviser, UK**

This short guide relates to the withdrawal of 'taxable' income, via 'Flexi-Access Drawdown' (FAD), from benefits that have already been fully-crystallised:

Drawdown income will be withdrawn in accordance with the liquidation order to meet the client's needs.  However to liquidate specific withdrawals of 'taxable' income, firstly, ensure that you have the appropriate events in place, on the timeline. (For details of how to add an event to the Timeline, go here >>>).

In accordance with the above, let's suppose that I have already added an event, at an individual's age 75, in order to begin specific withdrawals of taxable income.

1. Go to the Pensions > Drawdown Pension screen.

2. Select the relevant drawdown/USP account, in the Ledger, on the right.

3. Open Advanced Settings > Step-Up/Step-Down, then proceed as illustrated below:


4. Click Withdrawal Limit - proceed to specify 'scheduled only', as illustrated below:


5. Click OK, click OK again, and then click Update.

6. Set up the specific amounts to be withdrawn from the drawdown pension account as a planned withdrawal  see >>>