ARCHIVE - Java error when launching - "Java Platform SE binary stopped working" **Voyant Adviser, UK and Ireland**

Problem: The following error displays when attempting to launch Voyant - "Java Platform SE binary stopped working" (as shown in the screenshot below). 


Cause: After some investigation, we pinpointed the issue to a recent update of SonicWALL Gateway Antivirus, part of the SonicWALL network firewall.

SonicWALL Gateway Antivirus is improperly flagging Voyant .jar files as adware, specifically as “InstallCore_A_43”. When flagged, the firewall returns an incomplete (junk) .jar file instead of Voyant’s original and strips the HTML header of version info. Java then fails to launch Voyant and the error above appears.


How to diagnose the issue:  

If you encounter this error when attempting to launch Voyant, you should be able to confirm whether SonicWALL is the culprit by pasting the following URL into the address line of your browser:

Note that the download could be accepted on first try, so you may need to try downloading the .jar file two or three times. 

If you receive the following error message, then SonicWALL is indeed improperly blocking Voyant.



Your network administrator will need to adjust the following settings in SonicWALL in order to allow Voyant Adviser to launch without being blocked.  

Specifically, your administrator will need to turn off the firewall's block of InstallCore_43_A by unticking the Enable checkbox next to this file. 


Note:  If you have any concerns about making this firewall adjustment and want additional reassurance that this is indeed a false positive from SonicWALL, please refer to the following website, which uses numerous virus detection engines to analyze suspected files flagged by SonicWALL. You will note that Voyant’s InstallCore_43_A file is given a clean status from 50 other virus detection engines.


Final Steps

After making this adjustment to the firewall, try launching Voyant again to see whether the error "Java Platform SE binary stopped working" reappears. 

Also try opening Voyant Adviser to confirm whether the software launches successfully. 

If you now receive an "unable to launch application" error, you may still need to clear your computer’s Java cache as it probably contains the stripped .jar file that was originally returned from SonicWALL.

- If you are on a Windows computer:

Go to your computer's Start menu. Select Control Panel > Programs > Java.

- If you are on a Mac:

Click on the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen and select System Preferences. Under System Preferences, there is a link to Java.


The Java Control Panel will open.

On the first tab, General, in the Temporary Internet Files section of the panel, select the View button.

This will launch the Java Cache Viewer.

NOTE: Depending on your computer's processing speeds, this may take a moment to display.

Once the Java Cache Viewer appears, select all the cached version of Voyant and click the delete (X) button. Do this for all of your cached versions of Voyant.



Reinstall Voyant

Next, go to the Voyant website. Sign in using your Voyant user name and password and click "Plan Now" to install the latest version of the software. 

Which website you visit will depend on which version of Voyant you use. 


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