intelliflo export - A (simple) guide on how this works

The intellflo (io) (OAUTH) integration is now available to allow you to export data back to io.

Here is the article guiding you on how to set the integration up.

Instructions for setting up, importing and updating clients via the New Intelliflo (OAuth) Integration


1. If you have an existing record in io, it may be a simple record with just the name of the client, date of birth and some fact find information, you will need to IMPORT the client into Voyant first. If you don't do this and only use the export function from Voyant, a duplicate record will be created in io.

2. If there is no existing record in io, then using the export function will create a new record in io with all the exported data from Voyant.

3. If you have an existing record in io and Voyant, you can merge the data and then export updated plans and values back to io.

ref#1. Existing record in io with basic data - LINK THE CLIENT FIRST via IMPORTING

From the open client record page, once you have the integration activated by downloading the app from the io store, select IMPORT CLIENT.


Select the Intelligent Office (BETA) Integration. If you are seeing Intelligent Office (OLD), please contact support for guidance on how to remove this integration from clients previously imported via the old integration. (

You will then need to type in the client's last name, no need to complete all the required information. 

Click search.

The integration will then locate the data in io and ensure you select the client you would like to appear as the primary client in Voyant first. The integration will bring over most relationships created in io. Common relationships like spouse, child, partner,non-legal partner and other are brought across. 

Keep clicking NEXT to finish importing existing data from io. (refer to the importing guide in link above for further details on data imported)


Once imported the record is created in Voyant. The import icons will appear against data brought across from io.

You can then build the cashflow in Voyant.

The data created in Voyant can then be exported into io.

In the client record, click the + button bottom right and select EXPORT.

Once you click export, all items to be exported will be highlighted.

NOTE: Always select SKIP on the linked drawdown accounts, these are automatically created in Voyant and do not need to be exported to io, unless you have pensions that are in existing drawdown.

Any previously imported data will show and the integration will automatically default to skip the items. IF you have updated previously imported items, select Update.

Then follow the widget, selecting the TYPE and SUB TYPE for each item exported.

A summary of all items to be exported will show, click DONE and view the details in io. 


NOTE: You will need to update the provider name for each item imported. You do this via PLAN ACTIONS in io.



NOTE: (details of employment show in Budget>Income)



Fact Find>BUDGET>Income:

Fact Find>BUDGET>Expenditure:

NOTE:  Expenses entered as goals pull through into io (note: we are adding other sub type's like Holidays)


Fact Find>MORTGAGE>Existing provision:

Fact Find>Retirement>Personal Pension: (note: Money Purchase contracted to be added as sub type, for now pensions are pushed to personal pension)

Fact Find>Investment>Existing Cash

Fact Find>Investment>Existing Investments

ref#2. No record in io - you simply need to just click EXPORT to create the client in io and follow similar process as indicated above

ref#3. Update values in Voyant and export updated plans and valuations back to io

An example: Updated values of investment in Voyant and click export

Select items to update and click Done (note have included Casey's investments only here in io screenshot)

Updated values are exported to io.

This is a simple guide and we continue to improve the integration so please do feedback any field's you experience are not pushing back to io to

A detailed mapping guide is in progress.