ARCHIVE - Notes - Adding comments and other information to client cases **AdviserGo, UK and Ireland**

The Notes section of the software is where free form notes can be entered and attached to client cases. Notes can be viewed or added from a tab (top-right) on the Reports & Notes screen.  


Notes may or may not be client facing, depending on how you want to use them. One might add notes to a client case for a colleague to review or they could be intended for the client. In any case, notes are are general to the client. 

Unlike version comments, they can be output into reports. Plan notes also allow you to cut and paste text from sources outside of Voyant (e.g. emails, external reports, Notepad) into client cases within Voyant and in turn possibly output this information into printable reports. We strongly recommend that you don't paste-in text directly from Microsoft Word, find out more about this here.

The Notes tab which can also be popped out into a standalone window for easy access while reviewing a client case or entering client information on other screens. On the Notes tab, click the arrow button to move notes into a pop-out window.

To later restore notes to the main screen, simply close the pop-out window or click "Restore Notes Window" on the Reports & Notes screen (Notes tab). 



Including plan notes in printable reports

Notes can be added to reports on the Notes & Reports screen (Reports tab).


To include notes in a printable report, drop the "Plan Notes" option into the Selected Reports field to the right side of the screen before generating the report. 

Alternatively, select the "Plan Notes" option and click the right arrow in the middle of the screen to move it into the list of Selected Reports to the right.


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First Published 14 February 2015, Release 4.1.5