ARCHIVE - Default Ages - Default Mortality Age **Voyant Adviser**

The default life expectancy for your clients is set, at least initially, based on the software's Preferences.

On the left side of the Preferences screen are the System Preferences, which serve as a template for new client cases. When you create a new client case, a copy of your System Preferences will be written into the client's Plan Preferences, which are shown to the right side of the Preferences screen. The Plan Preferences are the assumptions actually being used in the plan/scenario that you are viewing at the moment. 

This default Mortality Age preference is used only initially to set the length of your client's timeline. 


Once you have created a new client case, this setting, which is taken from the Plan Preferences on the right side of the Preferences screen, becomes only informational. Any changes to your client's life expectancy would need to be made manually on the timeline, as described below. This preference may be written into the Default Preferences report. If you are presenting this report to clients, consider editing this plan preference to reflect the actual placement of your client's Mortality on the timeline. 


How to change a client's life expectancy

If you need to change the mortality age of a client, go to the Time screen, left-click on the client’s mortality event and drag it up or down the timeline. Moving a mortality event up the timeline should present no problem. You may need to pause periodically to allow the timeline to redraw.


Read more >> about how to change client life expectancy. 


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