How to delete the primary client from a plan

Q - The primary client in my plan has died. Is there a way to remove the deceased client, from the plan, without needing to build an entirely new plan from scratch. 

A - Instructions on how to remove someone from a plan can be found in the following topic >>

NB: Before reviewing these instructions, please note that the software will not allow you to delete the primary client (the client file's namesake). As a result, one needs to start by making the surviving spouse into the new 'primary' client.

We don't have a simple toggle, unfortunately, that switches a person into the role of primary. Instead, therefore, you will edit the details of the primary client, so as to turn his entry into hers (or vice versa), and there is a trick to doing this:

Start by going to the People screen.

Select the surviving individual (the spouse or partner) in the People panel to the right side of the screen. The spouse's personal details will display.

Edit her details, making a slight variation in her name. For example, if her name were Susan Smith, edit her first name, entering a variant like Susanna ORIG Smith. Save the change.

Next, select your primary client in the People panel (the first person on the panel) to the right side of the screen. His personal details will display.

You can now change his name, gender and birth date to match those of the surviving client but in this case enter the correct surname (e.g. "Susanna Smith" rather than "Susan ORIG Smith"

The reason for the above 'trick' is that the software will not allow two people in the plan to share the same name, even temporarily, and so it's important that you continue to differentiate the two individuals, while in the process of switching them.

Next, follow the instructions in the following topic >>

For example, we would remove Susanna ORIG Smith as an owner from any of the the assets or expenses in the plan, leaving only or reassigning them to the primary client as the sole owner.

 Once completed, you should be able to delete the original secondary client (e.g. Susanna ORIG). 

Other Considerations

Nil Rate Band Carryforward

Visit the Taxes screen, expand IHT Exemption / Nil Rate Band Carry Forward and set the Percent of Nil Rate Band carried forward to 100%, if applicable. 

Review and edit plan items respective of the estate distribution

Review the various items in the plan, adjusting any balances and removing any assets that were distributed to person's outside of the of the plan, following distribution of the deceased's estate. The plan should reflect your client's position distribution of the deceased's estate. 

Also review pension settings. If funds have transferred into a drawdown pension for the surviving spouse, go to the Pensions > Drawdown Pensions screen.

The funds may or may not be taxable depending on the age of the deceased at time of death. Create a new drawdown pension, select Inherited Pension and tick or untick Taxable, depending on whether future withdrawals should be subject to the marginal tax rate, based on current pension rules.

Enter as the current balance of the drawdown pension the amount of the funds transferred.

Be sure to delete the original Money Purchase or Drawdown Pension


Save and rename the client file

Finally, when you save the client case by clicking Save button, top-left, you will will receive a prompt stating that the name of the primary person in the plan has been changed. It will ask whether you want to create a new client file under the new name. Unless you want to create an entirely new file, leaving your original case file in place (for your records perhaps), click No.

You will be prompted for comments, as usual when saving a case. 

Lastly, you will receive a secondary prompt asking whether you want to rename the existing client file using the newly edited name - now the name of the surviving spouse.


Click Use New Names from Plan.

You should be left with a client file that bears the name of the surviving spouse and a case that contains only her details.



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